Chocolate Bourbon Sauce is Heaven on Earth

chocolate bourbon sauce

Chocolate Bourbon Sauce makes life worth living

There aren’t many snacks with the Boozist Stamp of Approval on them, but Matthews 1812 House’s Chocolate Bourbon Sauce is so good it might replace the actual ink for said fictional stamp. It’s rich, creamy dark chocolate that’s spiked with real Kentucky bourbon. What better way is there to make a dessert sauce? It’s safe to say this is Ken Marino’s favorite condiment.

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And while I’m perfectly content eating the chocolate bourbon sauce with nothing more than a hooked finger, the fun doesn’t stop there. Matthews was so kind as to send me their Bourbon Blondie Bar to try out at my Super Bowl party this year (probably because my middle name is Matthew), but it didn’t last that long.

So there I was, taste testing to ensure I wasn’t about to poison my friends, when all of a sudden a third of the Bourbon Blondie Bar was gone. I don’t know what happened to it. Ghosts, I suppose. The next thing I know, another third was being repeatedly dunked in the chocolate bourbon sauce. Not wanting to be rude, I simply put the rest back in the fridge instead of taunting my friends with what was clearly not enough for everyone. Darn shame, right?

While my friends didn’t reap the benefits, I can confirm that this stuff is delicious. Check out Matthew’s 1812 House’s full line of boozy snacks. If they’re anything like the chocolate bourbon sauce, it might just be your favorite online panty.

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