Champagne Pliers Make Opening Bubbles a Breeze

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Rabbit Champagne Pliers – Colin Joliat

Champagne Pliers make even the weakest arm adequate

Unless you’re swinging a sword or winning the pennant, there’s no excuse to shoot the cork out of a bottle. Sure it looks fun, but it’s really a terrible idea. Instead, a nice pair of champagne pliers are perfect for getting the job done.

Champagne pliers are exactly what they sound like, and Rabbit Wine’s version look pretty damn good. They’re a brilliant creation that perfectly grasps the cork as you twist the bottle of bubbles below. No more trying to get grip on the cork and looking like a fool as it uselessly spins in your hand. OK, so that might just be me. Even if you have the finger strength of a Shaolin monk though, champagne pliers will make you look classy and cool.

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I don’t want to be your friend if you don’t finish the bottle, but should you find yourself living with such shame, you can always use the champagne sealer to keep you bubbles bubbly. It keeps the champagne as fresh as it can, though I’d still recommend drinking it sooner than later. And no, putting a spoon in the bottle does nothing so don’t bring me that line of internet bull.

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