Caffeinated Club is the Best New Mixer for Drinkers

Caffeinated Club

Caffeinated Club eleminates the need for Red Bull and terrible flavored vodkas.

If you live in Chicago, you’ve undoubtedly seen the advertisements for Caffeinated Club on bus stops all over town. They plastered the city with photos and quotes from bloggers, local media personalities, and some people whom I’m probably supposed to know. Clearly I was offended they didn’t offer Chicago’s foremost booze writer an opportunity to awkwardly pose holding a bottle, but I didn’t let that stop me from requesting some samples. Turns out it’s a good thing I don’t hold a grudge.

Caffeinated Club is flavored soda water with added caffeine. They’re pushing the “no calories” and “no artificial sweeteners” angle hard, but the first two competitors that came to mind also tout the same things. Not surprisingly, it’s the caffeine that sets Caffeinated Club apart.

I’m a caffeine junky, so you can count on me to try anything with the slightest traces of nature’s energy booster. Something with caffeine that mixes well with booze? Now you’ve really got my attention. I’m over 24 and respect myself, so Red Bull & Vodka is pretty much a thing of the past. Thankfully Caffeinated Club stepped up to potentially fill that void in my life. Each serving contains 34 mg of caffeine, which is the same amount as Coke. It’s just enough to hit you with some much needed energy without going overboard.

Caffeinated Club comes in three flavors – raspberry, lemon, orange grapefruit – as well as unflavored. I was expecting the first to be a raspberry bomb, but it’s actually more subtle than that. It’s not overwhelming at all, to the point where I’m drinking the Orange Grapefruit right now just for shits and giggles. No vodka at all. Of course it’s 10:33pm right now, so it’s a pretty dumb move. When it comes time to booze though, this is definitely going to be in the repertoire now. I’m not a flavored vodka guy, but this is perfect way to make a Vodka & Soda more interesting without sliding down the slippery slope to Pop Tart Flavored Vodka.

And hey, I’m happy to oblige if you need someone on your next bus stop ad to say, “Caffeinated Club is great for nights when you want to drink until you can’t feel feelings.”

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