Buschhhhh Super Bowl commercial will have you cracking Busch cans

The Lions have won as many Super Bowls as Busch has aired Super Bowl commercials… until today’s Buschhhhh ad.

Much like the Lions come playoff time though, Busch’s debut ad falls flat. They took it old school, going back to their commercials from the 70s/80s that equated the brand’s name with the sound of cracking a can, but it just doesn’t work (for me). The concept is solid; it’s the timing that’s off.

It would have been funny if the Buschhhhh lasted a couple seconds. It would be funny if it was a painfully long 30+ seconds. But at 20 seconds it’s at an awkward in between time when it stopped being funny but hasn’t yet hit that tipping point at which it once again becomes funny. They did what the timeslot allowed, but I would have loved a 60-second ad with a full 45 seconds of Buschhhhh.

Colin Joliat
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