Bulleit Tattoo Edition Is Drinkable Art for Your Whiskey Shelf

Bulleit Tattoo Bottle

Bulleit Tattoo is the latest unique branding experiment in the spirits world. We recently covered Cazadores’ Day of the Dead themed tequila bottle as well as Wolf Spirit’s unexpected black vodka bottle. Now Diageo is jumping into the game with new limited-edition packaging for their Bulleit brand.

Bulleit Bourbon Tattoo Edition is a series of four unique tattoo designs on the iconic Bulleit bottle. These collectible bottles were created in partnership with some of the country’s top tattoo artists whose work is inspired by the frontier spirit and culture of the cities they live in. The collaborations mark the first time the Bulleit Bourbon bottle has been altered, transforming the frontier-inspired bottles into collectable pieces of modern art.

The tattoo artists responsible for the four different bottles are Jess Mascetti (NYC), Thomas Hooper (Austin), and Jason Kundell (Portland), and finally, the Bulleit tattoo bottle that made its way to Boozist HQ was designed by Shawn Barber out of LA.

“I’ve always thought the Bulleit bottle was badass because of its unique shape and iconic design,” said Shawn Barber of Memoir Tattoo in LA. “Putting my own unique spin on it was a fun challenge because I didn’t want to mess with the style too much, but did want to share what LA means to me through my art. Bulleit gave me a lot of creative liberty and I’m proud of how it turned out.”

All four bulleit tattoo bottles are incredible works of art. Unfortunately it’s pretty tough to photograph black ink on a clear bottle so neither my photos nor the brand’s really do them justice. I highly recommend giving them a look next time you’re in a liquor store. They’re also priced the same as our favorite bottles of Bulleit bourbon, give or take $30, for those who like to drink with their mouths rather than their eyes.

Bulleit Bourbon Tattoo Edition

Bourbon gets inked with Bulleit Tattoo

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