Bulleit Boilermakers are the Only Way to Survive the Bachelor

I’m in a Bachelor survivor pool. Every week my wife watches, and every week I try to survive. That’s where the Bulleit Boilermakers come into play.

Boilermakers have been making a comeback for awhile now. Last year CRAFT magazine had craft brewers and distillers put together a collection of fancy boilermaker pairings (with an intro written by yours truly), but Bulleit recently started throwing an absurd amount of coal on the fire. They’re pushing them even harder than I pushed that attempt at a train refernce.

The fine folks over at Supercall have a comprehensive piece of what style of beer pairs with which brand of Bulleit, but I had to expedite the process when I walked into a Bachelor finale viewing party this week. It’s fitting that this would happen the week of St. Patrick’s Day because I happened to have Guinness and whiskey on hand. Instead of casually enjoying a whiskey and a beer I rapidly had a whiskey in a beer.

One of these days I’ll put together some real deal Bulleit Boilermakers, but until then… bottoms up.

Colin Joliat
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