Super Bowl Can From Bud Light Commemorate Every Super Bowl Winner – Sorry Lions

patriots super bowl can

Super Bowl Can comes hot on the heels of Bud Light #MyTeamCan.

Super Bowl cans don’t function differently. The Bud Light inside doesn’t taste differently. And they certainly won’t make your team play differently. That’s a shame if you’re a Lions fan like me, but this is great news for those of you who cheer for winning teams. At least we have our original #MyTeamCan.

In celebration of Super Bowl 50, Bud Light – the Official Beer of the NFL – is debuting 40 new NFL Bud Light can designs that showcase previous Super Bowl winners. This marks the first time that Bud Light will be customizing team cans for the Super Bowl.

Each design in the Series feature logos from past Super Bowls and the teams that won them, or will integrate this year’s gold-infused Super Bowl 50 logo. ~Anheuser-Busch

If you’re team didn’t make the cut for a Bud Light Super Bowl Can, you can at least take pride in knowing that they probably didn’t go to four Super Bowls in a row and lose every one of them. Sorry, Bills fans. You’re the only team worse than the Lions. And before you Chicago Bears fans start complaining that your generation-ago team didn’t get a Super Bowl can… they’re sponsored by MillerCoors.

I’ve gotta give credit to Bud Light. They’ve been doing some entertaining things with their cans this year. From the NFL Team Cans to the awesome collection of Mad Decent Block Party cans, they’ve found a way to get some value out of an otherwise boring part of beer.

49ers Super Bowl Can

Broncos Super Bowl Can

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Chiefs Super Bowl Can

Colts Super Bowl Can

Dolphins bud light can

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steelers bud light can

patriots super bowl can

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