Bud Light Party tells caucus jokes and references Independance Day

Bud Light Party is off to a stellar start

I didn’t know what to expect when AB unveiled the Bud Light Party led by Seth Rogan and Amy Schumer, but it’s living up to the hype. Their first full commercial mimics cheesy political ads and features that guy who you can never remember what he’s from, an emoji reference, caucus jokes, and the greatest speech an American president has ever given. Good for you, Bud Light. Now can I please go back to Whatever USA?

America. They say we’re a nation divided. They say we disagree on everything. But they’re wrong. We agree on a lot. Like liberty. Justice. Three-day weekends. Funny t-shirts. Jeans. Free parking. Burritos. Sliding on hardwood floors in socks. Cat videos. And beer. Nothing brings America together like Bud Light. That’s why we formed the Bud Light Party. A party for everyone: man or woman, liberal or conservative, Broncos or Panthers fan. We don’t care about labels. Beer should have labels, not people. We’re not stuck in the past. We’re unstuck in the present. We are the fake political party America needs right now. Because no matter where we all stand on the issues, we all sit on bar stools. America has seen the light. And there’s a Bud in front of it.

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Colin Joliat
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