Bud Light Teases PacMan Super Bowl Commercial

bud light super bowl commercial pacman

Bud Light is upping the ante on their #UpForWhatever Super Bowl commercial with a little help from PacMan

Lest you thought Bud Light was done with #UpForWhatever after their blowout Whatever, USA party, they’re back for more with another Super Bowl commercial. This is only a teaser for their ad titled, “Coin,” but it’s safe to say that there are large colored ghosts (is that racist?) running around somewhere in America. I skipped a lot of classes in college to play Ms. PacMan, which makes me sound old but really I’m just a sucker for classics, so I’m well prepared to evade our inevitable super-ghost overlords.

Fun fact: Super Bowl XLVIX doesn’t exist, mostly because XLVIX isn’t an actual number. The NFL blew it when Super Bowl 49 was first announced, and brands have been running with XLVIX instead of XLIX ever since. I wonder how many botched Super Bowl Commercials will be out there.

super bowl xlvix

Even better than a Super Bowl Commercial…

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