Bud Light’s dilly dilly king shows up at bar to celebrate Loyola Ramblers Sweet Sixteen win

loyola ramblersBud Light has taken their marketing off TV and into the streets before, but this might be the best capitalization on branding they’ve done yet. As you read this, the “King” from the Dilly Dilly commercials is reenacting the Bud Light Tapping Ceremony at an unsuspecting Loyola Ramblers bar in Chicago to celebrate the team’s unexpected Sweet Sixteen appearance.

If you sprint you might be able to get to Bar 63 before it’s too late. You won’t get to see the King roll in with a fresh keg of Bud Light, but you can probably make it in time to challenge him to a chugging contest. That said, there’s probably a huge line because who wouldn’t go to the bar to watch the Loyola Ramblers play? I catch every game at Hooters.

Loyola Ramblers

Credit to Bud Light for having a little fun with a deserving fan base that’s relishing the moment. We can all raise a toast to the Loyola Ramblers. They haven’t made the tournament since 1985. They let a little old lady give the team advice. And their mascot used to be a bum. If that’s not reason enough to drink, I’ll be sober the rest of my life. Dilly Dilly!

Very raw footage of Bud Light king rambling into the Loyola bar.

Bud Light King’s victory speech. Dilly Dilly.

Loyola Ramblers

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