Check Out The Mad Decent Bud Light Festival Cans

Bud Light Festival Cans Mad Decent Block Party

Bud Light Festival Cans make their debut and curtain call at Diplo’s Mad Decent Block Party.

Mainstream beer cans tend to be boring and stagnant. They really haven’t changed much aside from the much maligned “fan cans,” which was an awesome idea and one that Michigan football fans could have really used as we went on to lose all seven games against Big Ten opponents. Now AB is proving they really are #UpForWhatever with their awesome new Bud Light Festival Cans.

There are 31 designs, including 4 Mad Decent custom labels and 27 artist-designed labels, and they’re exclusively available at Diplo’s Mad Decent Block Party. Of course that’s just the beginning. The printing software tweaks each design to to create the possibility of 31 million different cans, each truly unique. As for the inspiration:

“The exclusive Bud Light can designs were inspired by the spontaneous and unexpected experiences that music lovers have enjoyed at Mad Decent Block Parties for the past seven years. As a LA-based record label, Mad Decent thrives on creativity and we’re thrilled we could implement our packaging innovations to support the release of the Festival Cans this summer.”

-Alexander Lambrecht, Vice President of Bud Light

If this feels familiar, it’s because Absolut did something similar back in 2012. Absolut has a long history of working with artists, and it’s done incredibly well for them. I have no doubt the same will be true for Bud Light as they continue to grow that aspect of their branding. Beer and music go hand in hand, and I’ll gladly share a Bud Light with Diplo.

The Mad Decent Block Party is heading to 18 different cities, so if you’re in one of those markets, get ready to drink in style with Bud Light Festival Cans. If you’re not… join in Bud Light’s #SummerBucketList and try to win some swag or even a free trip to the Block Party in San Diego!

bud light festival can

We found ourselves in a love triangle this summer. As in, we love these triangle cans.

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