Brita Alcohol Filter – Filters The Fun Out Of Booze

Brita Alcohol Filter makes booze taste like water.

Professional musician and drinker Ali Spagnola took it upon her self to do the experiment we’ve all wanted to do. With the help of Max No Sleeves, she put various drinks through a Brita alcohol filter. Never heard of a Brita alcohol filter? That’s because I just made up the term because I needed a keyword for this post. It’s the exact same as a normal Brita.

Most people have filtered crap vodka to see if it gets better, including me when I made Green Skittles Vodka for St. Paddy’s Day, but few go further. Ali’s never been one to follow the beaten path though.

On the Brita Alcohol Filter menu today:

Bud Light – Insert sex in a canoe joke
Mike’s Hard Lemonade – Never-ending quest for brand to be seen as manly
Gatorade – Because hydration is important
GuinnessAustralian Irish for beer
White Wine – Next up on Whine About It… water!
Champagne – AndrĂ©’s finest brut
Vodka – First clue that their tastebuds might be broken
Clamato – “There’s shellfish in the beer”
Yoo-Hoo – Rumplestiltskin’s favorite after school snack
Tobasco – Why? Seriously, why?
Listerine – Because after drinking all this water you’re going to be frisky as hell

As it turns out, apparently a Brita makes everything taste like water. Like I’ve said, I’ve filtered vodka and it most certainly doesn’t taste like water, but I’m tempted to believe the others. You’ll just have to run the experiment for yourself, but in the meantime I’ll leave you with Max perfectly summing things up…

Colin Joliat
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