Bourbon soap is the only thing worthy of cleaning my body

Duke Cannon has been crushing the soap game for years, from the original big ass brick to the Old Milwaukee powered beer soap. Now they just put the rest of the industry to bed with their bourbon soap.

The Big American Bourbon Soap has actual Buffalo Trace in every bar. Why? Why not? My insides love bourbon, so it’s safe to assume my outsides do. It also gives me an excuse if I roll into work smelling like booze. That’s just the amazing oak barrel scent of my soap, boss. And if that’s not enough, instead of microbeads, the bar contains little pieces of corn to exfoliate your skin. So it’s good for you and the environment.

If only Super Troopers 2 hadn’t already wrapped they could have worked Big American Bourbon Soap into their next round of cheeky and fun shenanigans.

bourbon soap

bourbon soap

Colin Joliat
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