Bookers bourbon no longer best bang for the buck

bookers bourbon
Bookers bourbon has long been my go-to whiskey to give as a gift. It never failed to impress people, and it was an absolute steal at $50. Unfortunately Beam has finally caught on to Bookers being criminally underpriced (with respect to Suntory shareholders), and now my liver weeps. The MSRP is going up to $100 and the supply is being cut. They’re sure to still sell every bottle, but I’ll now only be buying them for myself. Sorry, none of my friends are worth $100 Bookers.

If you need a new gift to give, I highly recommend 1792 from the Barton distillery. It’s not nearly as big or bold, but it’s unique and delicious, exactly what you want in a gift. Plus it’s only $30, so you can spend the extra $20 on yourself.

bookers price increase

Colin Joliat
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