Bookers Bourbon Releases Limited-Edition ‘Big Man, Small Batch’ and I Want It Inside Me

Bookers bourbon limited edition
Courtesy of Beam Suntory

Bookers bourbon, the best bourbon in the world, launches limited edition.

Taste is subjective, and I subjectively claim that Bookers is the best bourbon in the world. That’s how these ratings work, you know. A group of people just pick. It’s like the AP poll deciding who the NCAA football National Champion was, only if winners were based off whether referees liked the way the plays made them feel rather than who reached the end zone more times. So really whiskey is more like Olympic ice dancing.

Ignore that first paragraph, we’re here for Bookers. As I said, it’s the best. After dinner, when the woman who’s desperate for cake asks if anyone would share a piece if she ordered it because she “just wants a bite,” I always say, “No, but I’ll order dessert as well if you want to get something.” Then, I order Bookers. Screw food. Bookers bourbon brings me more joy than any number of layers of Oreos, chocolate, and peanut butter cups ever could.

Booker’s® Bourbon Batch 2015-1, named “Big Man, Small Batch,” features a custom label inspired by the iconic visual of Booker sipping bourbon in his rocking chair with his dog, Dot, by his side. The batch’s name honors Booker’s role in the creation of small batch bourbons and the larger-than-life personality for which he was known.

Booker Noe Chair Dog Beam Distillery
I tried my best not to take this photo because everyone on Earth has, but I couldn’t resist.

The small size of the collection and being the first in a new limited edition series means this is batch will be tough to find. It’s definitely worth a shot though. I had the pleasure of trying the even more limited-edition 25th Anniversary Bookers Bourbon last year, and it was like something straight out of a Disney movie. Birds and small woodland creature began singing a song about how incredibly happy I was. Maybe I was just drunk. I’m not sure. It is around 130-proof.

• Proof: 128.7
• Age: 7 years, 2 months and 16 days
• Batch Notes: Culled from seven different rack houses, Batch 2015-1 blends the flavor tendencies of several small groups of barrels to create a complex bourbon with a vanilla nose.
• Sipping Suggestions: With ice or cut with water

And let that be the end of people saying it’s a sin to add water to whiskey. The distillery itself is telling you to use water or ice. I’m a firm subscriber to “drink it however the hell you want.” That said, there isn’t much Bookers Bourbon Batch 2015-1 to go around, so if you’re going to mix it with coke/soda/SunnyD, please just send it to me instead.

Fun Fact: While I can’t prove it was Bookers, the barrel that comprises the Boozist logo is from the 6th floor of a Beam rack house, just the sort of place from which they’d pull Bookers. It’s also the Boozist Twitter banner image and Facebook cover photo.

Jim Beam rack house
Quite possibly the best photo I’ve ever taken. Bookers Bourbon for everyone!

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