2 Guys Take Spartan Challenge; Hilarity Ensues

Two guys attempt to take 200 shots of beer each in 200 minutes with beard shaving and chest waxing on the line as punishment. It’s the Spartan Challenge, and it sounds like certain death.

Power Hour? More like Amateur Hour (sorry Ali Spagnola). BlumGum is back and he’s taking on (creating?) the Spartan Challenge, which is 200 shots of beer in 200 minutes. You might remember “Black Guy Does Centurion Challenge.” It ended with him vomiting everywhere. That doesn’t bode well for doubling the dosage.

Yes, the video is longer than an episode of Archer, but every minute is equally glorious. And unlike Serial, there’s a solid resolution. These guys are drinking non-light beer, which means they are hammered and hilarious long before they even hit the halfway point. I think it goes without saying, don’t try the Spartan Challenge at home. You’re nowhere near as awesome as BlumGum.

Colin Joliat
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