Man chugging beer equivalent of fifth of Fireball is… impressive?

I’ve been rolling with BlumGum since he was just Black Guy. He’s done some crazy shit since then, but for whatever reason his new #HigherMath Beer Challenge really stands out. Perhaps it’s because chugging beer is one of my favorite pastimes. Or maybe it’s because the challenge is lowkey more absurd than just anything else.

Dogfish Head’s Higher Math is 17% ABV. That means that the four bottles he drank in contain a combine 8.16 ounces of alcohol. That’s a lotta booze.

Now take everyone’s favorite shot (except mine) as a comparison. Fireball is 33% ABV, and a bottle is 25.36 ounces, which means the entire thing only contains 8.36 ounces of alcohol. Essentially, BlumGum just chugged an entire bottle of Fireball. Like I said… lowkey absurd.

Other approximate equivalents:

  • 3 bottles of White Girl Rosé
  • 11 shots of Wild Turkey
  • 14 Budweisers
  • 16 SkinnyGirl Margaritas
  • 170 O’Doul’s

Colin Joliat
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