Blood Orange Paloma Proves Tequila Makes Better Cocktails Than the Margarita

Blood Orange Paloma Boozist

The Blood Orange Paloma is a perfect cocktail for hot summer nights when you want to catch little tequila buzz.

Blood oranges are all the rage in the beer world right now, but it was cocktail time. I had a hankering for tequila and wanted something different than the Blood Orange Margarita from my Guyism days. Then, while silently strolling around Whole Foods (seriously, how are their carts all squeak-free?), I spotted Blood Orange Soda. Jackpot. It’s been the summer of long drinks since some internet writer suggested they were trendy, so this was the perfect choice. Plus it would be nice to have when the 1st Lady’s pregnant sister stopped by the next day. Three birds. One stone.

Like Johnny BJ, the drink was halfway there. Tequila Avión and blood orange soda were locked in, but it needed something more. That’s when 1st Lady suggested a Paloma. It was almost too easy, especially considering she was fine with me bastardizing the recipe. A little agave nectar and lime juice to balance things out and a beautiful Blood Orange Paloma was born. Sure it might not be what you’d call “conventional.” But it was delicious and that’s all that matters. It just goes to show you, behind every great Boozist there’s a beautiful woman getting frustrated by you repeatedly opening the fridge and staring blankly.

If I could drink a Blood Orange Paloma on my back deck every night, I’d be a happy man. I’d also be significantly less productive.

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Blood Orange Paloma Recipe

Blood Orange Paloma
The Blood Orange Paloma is the perfect cocktail for a hot summer nights when you want to catch a little tequila buzz.
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  1. 3 oz Avión Tequila Silver
  2. 5 oz Blood Orange Soda
  3. .5 oz Agave Nectar
  4. .5 oz Fresh Lime Juice
  1. Combine tequila, agave nectar, and lime juice in penguin-shaped shaker.
  2. Fill with ice and shake violently.
  3. Strain into ice-filled Collins glass.
  4. Top with Blood Orange Soda.
  5. Garnish with lime wheel.

Warning: Don’t accidentally buy this agave syrup. It’s a great product, but this particular bottle is a little pricey. Unless of course you swim around in gold coins like Uncle Scrooge, then by all means. Drop $1,200 on a bottle of sweetner.

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