Beer Prices for Every Park in MLB – This Makes My Liver Sad

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The only place more expensive to drink than the mini bar is a baseball game. It’s gotten so bad that dads can’t even get a good buzz on before their kids start pleading for pennants (who still buys these?), batting helmets filled with ice cream, and Super Ropes.

Cork Gaines, who won’t follow me on Twitter regardless of how many times I un/refollow him, put the beer prices in handy graph form for those of you who can’t scan tables all that well.

MLB Beer Prices

beer prices
via Business Insider

Don’t get too excited if you see your team towards the bottom. It could just be their clever ruse to make you think you’re getting a good deal.

The Neon Marlins of Miami seem like they’re reasonably priced until you realize you’re only getting a measly 12 ounces. Meanwhile people scoff at Minnesota thinking their shit team is worthy of $7.50 until they realize that’s for 20 ounces… which is about 1/5th of what you’ll need to sit through a Twins game.

The only real way to compare beer prices is by cost per ounce.

beer prices
via Business Insider

The two major takeaways are that Boston is an asshole, and LA has two of the three lowest beer prices in the league. I realize no one cares about baseball out there, but maybe they would if they realized the ballparks are the cheapest places to get beer in town.

via Business Insider

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