Beer-marinated steak is my spirit animal, literally

beer-marinated steak
The fine folks at Taylor Strategy reached out to Boozist a couple months back about participating in their 2016 Guinness BBQ Challenge. I said yes before even knowing what it was. Why? I love Guinness and BBQ. I also love an excuse to grill a beer-marinated steak without being looked at like a lunatic.

Fantastic Voyage to beer-marinated steak

First things first, I needed a recipe. I spent a couple years making up boozy food recipes like my Jim Beam Meatballs, but I wanted to crush the competition for this challenge. That meant it was time to turn to the pros. Specifically… Coolio.

Eight years ago Cookin’ With Coolio was one of the top channels on YouTube. Not necessarily in terms of subscribers or video views, but it was the one and only Ghetto Gourmet. And while the channel didn’t last more than year, it did spawn a cookbook of the same name. Cookin’ With Coolio isn’t exactly The Joy of Cooking, but it is a completely legit cookbook with an entertainment value that would make Guy Fieri reconsider his level of extremeness.

I’d been eyeballing Coolio’s Key Lime Chuck ever since the First Lady of Boozist bought me the cookbook for Christmas. One of the main ingredients in the marinade is beer, and I just so happened to be looking for a recipe involving beer. It was a match made in Gangsters Paradise.

Cookin’ With Coolio

The whole point of Coolio’s cookbook is that the recipes are cheap and easy, just like a wee-young collegiate Boozist. In this case, you just dump all the ingredients in a bag, and voila, beer-marinated steak. Seemed easy enough, and I imagined Guinness Amber would play well. Amber is perfect along side a steak… so why not within it? Thankfully I was spot on for once in my life.

The folks at Guinness sent me a six pack for this challenge, so the obvious choice was to use one for the beer-marinated steak recipe, set one aside for photos, and drink the other four while I waited. That’s my kind of dinner.

The original plan was to just eat the giant chunk of meat like a caveman, but as beer number four set in, steak sandwiches suddenly sounded glorious. I compromised with myself and did both. Steak sandwiches with a side of steak is my new favorite meal.

Need a side dish? You have to try Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs.
beer-marinated steak

For those curious, the sandwiches are steak, grilled red peppers, grilled onions, hatch pepper cheddar, lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo, and giardiniera.

I am working in partnership with Guinness for this this campaign. All thoughts/opinions are 100% my own. Please Drink Responsibly!

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