Beer Infographic Celebrates The Lagering Process

national lager day

Beer infographic shows exactly what makes lagers special in the world of beer

National Lager Day is December 10th, which just so happens to be today. While I swore of the bullshit national days long ago, lagers are somewhat of a mystery to most people. That makes this beer infographic actually useful, regardless of what day you see it.

Lagers rarely get a fair shake, but they’ve been coming on strong in the past couple years. Many breweries, like Blue Point Brewing make a few good options while others, like Wolverine State Brewing, make nothing but lagers. I’m a huge fan of them, so here’s to continuing growth of the other half of beer.

beer infographic
Beer infographic via LetsGrabABeer/@LetsGrabABeer

I’d like to leave you with a poem about lagers. It’s the first thing that comes up when you search “Ode to Lager” on Google in order to add more words for SEO purposes.

Ode to Lagers – Caribou

Lager, I love you
And I dream of your bubbles
There’s no wrong you can do
I forget all my troubles

While I’m sipping on you
Getting bloated and fat
I start craving McCoys
And acting the tw*t

Lager, I love you
I can’t tell a lie
Pint after pint
I can drink a bar dry.

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