Beer Golf Exists, And It’s Not What You Think

Beer Golf is the greatest drinking game since 1-2-3 Drink.

Beer is an absolute necessity when playing golf. Not only is the game it conceptually ridiculous, it’s also impossible. That combination would lead anyone to drink. Thankfully there are beer cart bunnies running all over the place to keep you well hydrated with alluminum pints of Bud Light. Beer Golf removes the hassle of picking clubs, putting, and pretty much everything else.

Beer Golf, as demonstrated by Mark Willard of Fox Sports Radio and Brian Baumgartner aka Kevin Malone from The Office, is a fairly simple game. Here are the rules.

Rules of Beer Golf

  1. Put names of all players in hat. Pull to establish order.
  2. Take turns chipping a ball towards a rack of six pitchers.
  3. If the ball lands in a pitcher, it’s removed.
    1. Bounces only count as one.
  4. First person to make three pitchers is declared Best Golfer Ever.

It’s just that simple. No house rules. No obscure rituals. Just chipping balls at pitchers. And the best part is, just like golf, you can drink whenever the hell you want while playing. In the end, the winner drinks a stein, and the loser drinks a solo cup. Everyone wins.

Tip of the golf cap to BroBible for turning me on to this glorious game.

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