Beer Flowchart Means You’ll Never Order Wrong Again

beer flowchart

Can’t decide what to drink? Use this handy beer flowchart from The Growler House to help pick your poison.

We all know beer can get overwhelming at times, which is why most people just pretend that they know what we’re doing, order something, then pretend it was definitely what they were expecting. It’s not a bad route to go, but actually getting a beer you want is much better than saving face. While this beer flowchart isn’t perfect, it’s a clever way for the bar to at least steer their customers in the right direction.

Splinter once said, “It’s more important to know what you don’t like than what you like.” OK, so it was actually a wine proprietor that gave me said advice, but how cool would it be if it was a drunken talking rat? Anyway, the point is that if you know you don’t like a certain style of beer, don’t order it. On the flip side, yes, have your favorites and get them regularly, but don’t just keep getting a certain beer because you know you like it. There are more than 35,000 different beers out there, so just keep drinking. Enjoy the huge variety we’re experiencing while you can, because the party could stop at any moment (not literally).

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