Beer Falls Off Truck. Doves Cry.

Hope for humanity lost as many more than one case of beer falls off truck.

It’s a sad day for thirsty citizens of… let’s just say Russia… as a pallet of beer falls off the back of a delivery truck. That’s a whole lot of sobriety caused by two idiots that apparently have never operated in the world of physics and gravity.

Raiders Fan Fails At Chugging Beer From Mannequin’s Nether Regions

I’m not Neil deGrasse Tyson or anything, but it’s safe to say this logic holds: Yank beer towards back of truck. Beer falls off truck. I don’t see any way in which that wasn’t the outcome.

Plus, let’s take a look at one specific moment before disaster stuck. The photo below shows the exact moment they should pulled their heads out of their asses. The pallet was stopped. It was sitting pleasantly at the back of the truck, dreaming of the amazing life it might lead before eventually being consumed in an intense game of Beer Golf.

Look to the left. See that forklift? Yep, that’s what you’re going to want to grab right now. It does the heavy lifting that you can’t do without a GI Joe-style robot exoskeleton. Just unload the top couple cases, then use to forklift to do the rest. We’ll see you at the pub. Instead we’re all sober and working overtime.

beer falls off truck

The guy’s defeated foot stomp at :33 says everything you need to know.

beer falls off truck

Tip of the sober hat to BroBible.

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