Warning: Don’t Drink Crocodile Bile Beer

crocodile bile beer

At least 69 people died at a funeral after drinking beer poisoned with crocodile bile.

Drinking beer has unfortunately led to plenty of deaths, but none quite as strange as this recent tragedy in Mozambique. According to ABC Chicago, at least 69 people have died at a funeral (yes, you read that correctly) after they drank beer tainted with crocodile bile, and another nearly 200 people have been hospitalized. I specifically remember Crocodile Mile being a disaster, so it’s really no surprise that crocodile bile is as well.

That’s not even the strangest part of the story. This doesn’t look like a case of beer being somehow contaminated with crocodile bile at the brewery.

Huffington Post reported, “Mourners who drank the beer in the morning reported no illness, while those who drank the beer in the afternoon, fell ill, authorities said. They believe the beer must have been poisoned while funeral goers were at the cemetery.”

Wow, talk about a reason to be happy you’re a the sort of person who drinks in the morning.

Poisoning people at a funeral? That’s some seriously messed up shit. Hopefully whoever is responsible gets sentenced to 30 years imprisonment, which is Mozambique’s equivalent of the death penalty.

Colin Joliat
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