Beer Consumption by Country – Interactive Map

Beer consumption mapped out by country is interesting… I guess.

Not surprisingly, beer consumption as a percentage of all alcohol consumption varies significantly from country to country. Here in the good ole U.S. of A., we have over 4,000 breweries and, according to that map up there, beer accounts for 50% of all booze consumed. Over in China it’s only 28% but you can buy it in a plastic bag on the street (see below). I can only imagine how much higher ours would be if I could get a quick bag o’ beer on the way to the office every morning.

It’s always a safe bet that some of these stats are wrong. They claim that Bhutan’s beer consumption is 100% of its alcohol consumption, meanwhile there’s a Wikipedia page dedicated to a Ara. It’s legal to make and drink, but not sell, so they have no data for it. It’s still interesting to hover around the map and see what countries are slugging beers at the highest rate… unless you’re from Greenland, in which case this is useless.

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