Atlas Brewing Wants Upgraded Buckets So 99-Point RateBeer Scores Rain From Sky

Atlas Brewing

Help a Atlas Brewing buy a fancy bucket. Just think how much better the beer will taste!

There are a lot of dumb Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns. Sure, I’ve backed a couple great breweries like Pipeworks and Arcade, but for every good campaign there are a dozen people asking for money to make potato salad. I don’t blame people for launching a campaign. If the public is dumb enough to fork over the money, more power to them. Hell, even I gave $1 to build the RoboCop statue.

Chicago’s Atlas Brewing just wants to upgrade their orange Home Depot buckets, my go-to choice for brining turkeys, to a fancy bucket with graduated lines. Is that too much to ask? No. Are they serious? No. Though I’m sure they’d love some free money for tacos and stuff.

The real question I’m sure they’re asking is, how the hell does a bucket cost $61.95? And that’s at a discount! Online it would cost me $63.99. I could hire a bunch of kids to cup water in their hands for cheaper than that.

If you want to help Atlas Brewing get a bucket, you can do so here.

Colin Joliat
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