Waterproof speaker makes poolside partying a little less risky

Waterproof Speaker
I hopped a flight to Florida a few weeks back in a fit of desperation for sun-soaked drinking. I took along a new waterproof speaker I’d been sent to put it to the test. And drink I did. I mean test. OK, both.

The device in question is the Aquatune 5712 waterproof speaker from Yatra. It’s an adorable little nugget, but it actually put out some decent sound. We’re not talking audiophile stuff, but it’s well beyond sufficient for a poolside party. I’m not a tech wiz though; I’m a degenerate. And what do we degenerates do? We ruin things while partying. That was the test. They claim “rugged, all weather sound,” and I wanted to see.

While I had my phone tucked away in a ziplock bag, the waterproof speaker sat exposed poolside. It handled everything a drunken idiot could throw at. There was plenty of fidgeting while wet, a several drops off tables including a few rolls into the pool, and thankfully only one beer spilled on it. By the end of the weekend it had proved its point. It really was the little speaker that could. The battery seemingly lasted forever, and no matter the pitfall it just kept bumping 2000’s hip hop (thanks, Pandora).

It wouldn’t be science if I didn’t push the envelope though. I tossed it in the hot tub, jets blazing, and waited to see what happened. As it submerged the speaker slowly began to die. But like a pre-super-soldier serum Steve Rodgers, it just kept getting back up. Each time I took it out of the water, the bass slowly pulsed back to life. It was struggling, but it still managed to get back on track. I’m not saying you should expect it to be an underwater speaker, but I would say that it’s Aquaman approved.
Aquatune Waterproof Speaker – $40

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