Alli Alberts Chugs Beer at Lingerie Football 50-Yard Line

Alli alberts chugs beer

Alli Alberts chugs beer a midfield, immediately becomes my spirit animal.

Can a human be a spirit animal? If so, mine is definitely Legends Football player Alli Alberts. After being named game MVP she trotted out to midfield and chugged a beer. She did a damn fine job of it too. That’s really all I ask for in a muse/hero.

As a Michigan transplant, I’ve long refused to cheer for any Chicago sports teams other than the Fire. You can add the Chicago Bliss to that list now. If they didn’t play all the way out in Hoffman Estates, I would already be a proud season ticket holder just to show my support of Alli’s antics.

Alli Alberts Chugs Beer – via BroBible

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