Aldi whisky did not get named ‘Best in the World’ – sorry bargain boozers

Aldi WhiskyI have never tried the Aldi whisky that many are claiming won “Best in the World” and costs a mere $17. I can still state with 100% accuracy though that it was not declared “Best in the World.”

Yes, an Aldi whisky won a gold medal in a competition, two in fact. But this isn’t the Olympics. Gold doesn’t equal best. It’s not even the top honor. The highest award in the Scotch Whisky Masters is Master, and 20 brands were awarded Master.

Here’s a very short list of why the Aldi whisky isn’t the Best in the World:

  • Only Scotch whisky was judged
  • 93 different whiskies were awarded Gold
  • Entrants had to be available in Asia

The Spirits Business reports that there were an, “impressive number of entrants,” but fails to mention what that number is. That makes me think it might not have been all that impressive. There is also no way of knowing which brands opted not to enter. I can think of quite a few amazing whiskies that aren’t on the list.

I’m sure the Aldi whisky is good, and it’s probably a steal at $17. That doesn’t make it the “Best in the World” or even one of the best. Sadly you’ll never find out for yourself because it’s not available in the US.

Here’s the full list of Scotch Whisky Masters awards:

Aldi StoresHighland Black 8 Year Old Scotch WhiskyGold
Aldi StoresHogwash Blended Malt WhiskySilver
Aldi StoresGlen Marnoch Highland Single MaltSilver
Aldi StoresGlen Marnoch Islay Single MaltGold
Aldi StoresGlen Marnoch Speyside Single MaltSilver
Amber GlenAmber GlenSilver
Angus Dundee DistillersGlencadam 10 Year OldSilver
Angus Dundee DistillersGlencadam 18 Year OldSilver
Angus Dundee DistillersOld Ballantruan 15 Year OldMaster
Angus Dundee DistillersTomintoul Five DecadesGold
Atom BrandsBlended Whisky #3 23 Year OldGold
Atom BrandsBlended Whisky #1 50 Year Old – Batch 7Master
Atom BrandsThe Lost Distilleries Blend – Batch 10Master
Atom BrandsBlended Malt #2 – Batch 2Gold
Atom BrandsBlended Malt #3 19 Year Old MasterMaster
Atom BrandsBlended Malt #1 23 Year Old MasterGold
Atom BrandsPort Dundas 25 Year OldMaster
Atom BrandsCambus 27 Year OldGold
Atom BrandsCameronbridge 24 Year Old – Batch 1 GoldGold
Atom BrandsCaledonian 33 Year OldGold
Atom BrandsLedaig 18 Year OldGold
Atom BrandsAberfeldy 21 Year Old SilverSilver
Atom BrandsWilliamson 6 Year OldGold
Atom BrandsPort Charlotte 13 Year OldGold
Atom BrandsIslay #2 25 Year OldSilver
Atom BrandsAuchentoshan 25 Year OldGold
Atom BrandsSecret Distillery #1 9 Year OldSilver
Atom BrandsMortlach 22 Year OldGold
Atom BrandsMiltonduff 28 Year OldSilver
Atom BrandsTamdhu 28 Year OldSilver
BardinetSir Edward’s FinestGold
BardinetSir Edward’s SmokyGold
Beam SuntoryBowmore 15 Year OldGold
Ben Nevis DistilleryMacdonald’s Glencoe 8 Years Old Blended MaltGold
Ben Nevis DistilleryMcdonald’s Traditional Ben Nevis Malt WhiskyGold
Berry Bros & RuddBlue Hanger, 11th ReleaseGold
BladnochBladnoch Adela 15 Year Old Single MaltSilver
Bladnoch DistilleryBladnoch Samsara Single MaltGold
C.GarsStalla Dhu – Ben Nevis Cask Strength 1999Silver
C.GarsStalla Dhu IslayGold
Campari GroupGlen Grant 10 Year OldSilver
Charles Edge LondonScots Gold 12 Year OldGold
Charles Edge LondonScots Gold Red LabelGold
Chivas BrothersBallantine’s Hard FiredMaster
Chivas BrothersBallantine’s LimitedMaster
Chivas BrothersChivas Regal UltisGold
Chivas BrothersChivas Regal ExtraSilver
Chivas BrothersChivas Regal 12 Year OldGold
Chivas BrothersBallantine’s 12 Year OldSilver
Chivas BrothersBallantine’s 17 Year OldGold
Chivas BrothersChivas Regal 18 Year OldSilver
Chivas BrothersBallantine’s 30 Year OldSilver
Chivas BrothersChivas Regal MizunaraGold
Chivas BrothersThe Glenlivet Master Distiller’s Reserve Small BatchGold
Chivas BrothersLongmorn The Distiller’s ChoiceGold
Chivas BrothersAberlour A’BunadhGold
Chivas BrothersThe Glenlivet Founder’s ReserveSilver
Chivas BrothersThe Glenlivet The Master Distiller’s ReserveSilver
Chivas BrothersThe Glenlivet Master Distiller’s Solera VattedSilver
Chivas BrothersScapa GlansaSilver
Chivas BrothersScapa SkirenSilver
Chivas BrothersThe Glenlivet 12 Year OldMaster
Chivas BrothersAberlour 12 Year Old Double Cask MaturedGold
Chivas BrothersBallantine’s MiltonduffGold
Chivas BrothersBallantine’s GlenburgieSilver
Chivas BrothersThe Glenlivet 15 Year OldSilver
Compass BoxGreat King Street Artist’s BlendGold
Compass BoxGreat King Street Glasgow BlendGold
Compass BoxHedonismMaster
Compass BoxOak CrossMaster
Compass BoxThe Spice TreeGold
Compass BoxThe Peat MonsterSilver
DiageoJohnnie Walker Double BlackGold
DiageoJohnnie Walker Blue LabelGold
DiageoJohnnie Walker Red LabelSilver
DiageoJohnnie Walker Aged 18 YearsGold
DiageoJohnnie Walker Black LabelSilver
DistellBlack BottleGold
DistellScottish Leader OriginalSilver
DistellScottish Leader SupremeSilver
DistellScottish Leader SignatureSilver
DistellScottish Leader 12 Year OldSilver
DistellDeanston Virgin OakGold
DistellLedaig 10 Year OldGold
DistellDeanston 12 Year OldGold
DistellDeanston 2008 Bordeaux Red Wine Cask MaturedMaster
DistellBunnahabhain Cruach­MhònaMaster
DistellBunnahabhain StiùireadairGold
DistellBunnahabhain Toiteach A DhaGold
DistellBunnahabhain Eirigh Na GreineGold
DistellBunnahabhain Eirigh An CladachGold
DistellBunnahabhain 12 Year OldGold
DistellBunnahabhain 18 Year OldGold
DistellBunnahabhain 25 Year OldMaster
DistellsDeanston 15 Year Old OrganicSilver
Douglas Laing & CoRock Oyster 18 Years OldMaster
Douglas Laing & CoScallywag 13 Years OldGold
Douglas Laing & CoOld Particular Cameronbridge 26 Year OldSilver
EdringtonHighland Park Dragon LegendSilver
EdringtonHighland Park 12 yea Old Viking HonourGold
EdringtonHighland Park 18 Year Old Viking PrideGold
EdringtonHighland Park The LightSilver
Elixir DistillersElements of Islay Peat Full ProofGold
Elixir DistillersElements of Islay Peat (Pure Islay)Gold
Elixir DistillersPort Askaig 8 Year OldMaster
Elixir DistillersPort Askaig 100° ProofGold
Glasgow Distillery CoPrometheus 28 Year Old Speyside Single MaltSilver
Ian Macleod DistillersGlengoyne 12 Year Old Highland Single MaltGold
Ian Macleod DistillersGlengoyne 10 Years Old Highland Single MaltSilver
Ian Macleod DistillersGlengoyne Cask Strength (Batch 5)Gold
Ian Macleod DistillersTamdhu Batch Strength 003 Speyside Single MaltSilver
Ian Macleod DistillersTamdhu 10 Year Old Speyside Single MaltSilver
International Beverage HoldingsOld Pulteney 12 Year OldSilver
International Beverage HoldingsBalblair 2005 VintageSilver
International Beverage HoldingsBalblair 2000 VintageGold
International Beverage HoldingsOld Pulteney 25 Year OldMaster
International Beverage HoldingsBalblair 1991 VintageMaster
International Beverage HoldingsSpeyburn Bradan OrachSilver
International Beverage HoldingsSpeyburn 10 Year OldSilver
International Beverage HoldingsSpeyburn 15 Year OldGold
J & G GrantGlenfarclas 21 Year OldGold
J & G GrantGlenfarclas 15 Year OldGold
J & G GrantGlenfarclas 105Gold
John Dewar & SonsDewar’s White LabelGold
John Dewar & SonsDewar’s 12 Year Old The AncestorSilver
John Dewar & SonsDewar’s 15 Year Old The MonarchGold
John Dewar & SonsDewar’s 18 Year Old The VintageGold
John Dewar & SonsAberfeldy 12 Year OldSilver
John Dewar & SonsAberfeldy 16 Year OldSilver
KilchomanKilchoman SanaigSilver
KilchomanKilchoman Loch GormSilver
KilchomanKilchoman Port Cask MaturedGold
KilchomanKilchoman Machir BaySilver
La MartiniquaiseLabel 5 Gold HeritageGold
La MartiniquaiseLabel 5 Classic BlackGold
La MartiniquaiseLabel 5 Premium BlackGold
La MartiniquaiseGlen Turner HeritageGold
La MartiniquaiseGlen Turner 12 Year OldGold
Lidl UKAbrachan Triple Oak Blended Malt Scotch WhiskySilver
Lidl UKBen Bracken Speyside Single MaltGold
Loch Lomond GroupLoch Lomond Reserve Blended Scotch WhiskyGold
Loch Lomond GroupLoch Lomond Signature Deluxe Blended ScotchSilver
Loch Lomond GroupGlen Scotia 18 Year OldGold
Loch Lomond GroupGlen Scotia 25 Year OldSilver
Loch Lomond GroupInchmurrin Madeira Wood Finish Single MaltSilver
Loch Lomond GroupLoch Lomond Island Collection – Inchmoan 12 Year OldGold
Loch Lomond GroupLoch Lomond Island Collection – Inchmoan Vintage 1992Master
Loch Lomond GroupLoch Lomond Original Single MaltSilver
MacDuff InternationalIslay Mist Deluxe Blended Scotch WhiskyGold
Pure ScotPure Scot Virgin Oak 43Gold
Syndicate 58/6Syndicate 58/6 12 Years OldSilver
Terroirs DistillersMuirhead’s Blue SealGold
Terroirs DistillersHighland Queen Blend Sherry FinishGold
Terroirs DistillersHighland QueenSilver
The Scotch Malt Whisky SocietyExotic Cargo Batch #1Master
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society12Gold
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society4.238Silver
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society3.305Master
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society29.232Gold
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society53.242Silver
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society50.96Gold
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society76.137Gold
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society115.6Gold
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society2.105Gold
The Scotch Malt Whisky SocietyExotic Cargo Batch #2Gold
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society93.81Gold
Wemyss MaltsPeat ChimneyGold
Wemyss MaltsNectar GroveGold
William Grant & SonsGlenfiddich Experimental Series Project XXSilver
William Grant & SonsGlenfiddich Experimental Series IPA Cask FinishSilver
William Grant & SonsGlenfiddich 12 Year OldSilver
William Grant & SonsGlenfiddich 15 Year OldSilver
William Grant & SonsGlenfiddich 18 Year OldSilver
William Grant & SonsGlenfiddich 21 Year OldGold
William Grant & SonsGlenfiddich Winter StormGold
Woolf SungGlenturret 23 Year Old PX OctaveGold
Woolf SungClynelish 20 Year OldSilver

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