Airbnb Experiences give locals and tourists the best time ever

Airbnb ExperiencesAinbnb is front of mind for most people when they want to borrow someone’s house, but what about borrowing someone’s knowledge? That’s where Airbnb Experiences come into play. Who better to guide you through the city than someone who actually lives there?

Airbnb Experiences give tourists and locals alike the chance to have personal tours or experiences (so wise with their name choice) that they might otherwise not think to do. There are options for everything from glass blowing and podcasting lessons to cocktail classes and speakeasy crawls.

The latter of those options clearly speak to my soul. While neither is offered at the moment, they’re perfect examples of something that even locals can benefit from. I’ve lived in Chicago for a dozen years, and I hadn’t visited two of the three speakeasy’s visited during my Airbnb Experience. I hadn’t even heard of one of them. Meanwhile the cocktail making class was put on by one of Chicago’s best bartenders, Brandon Phillips, every week during the hour before his bar opened.

The beauty of Airbnb Experiences is that they also give locals a platform to share that about which they’re passionate. Why just give someone your spare bedroom when you can also teach them a thing or two? Anyone can pitch an experience. All you need is an awesome idea!

Colin Joliat
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