Boozist is a Chicago-based alcohol and lifestyle blog focused on the entertaining side of alcohol. It covers products, events, and industry news without the pretension of the finest palate or a belief that we are above the trend. It’s dedicated to the 90% of consumers who don’t read beer blogs or whiskey websites. Our job is to bring what’s new and exciting to those who might not otherwise find it.

For potential coverage of your product, event, or life-changing experience, email We don’t write negative reviews because people love plenty of stuff that we hate, but we are experts in pretending things we don’t like never existed. Know that sending something in no way guarantees it will be covered. 

Product samples can be sent to:
c/o Colin Joliat
160 E. Illinois St., #1607
Chicago, IL 60611

ColinColin Joliat – Founder, Editor in Chief
Colin created Boozist to mix things up after years serving as the alcohol editor of Guyism and freelancing for sites like Thrillist, BroBible, Cool Material and CRAFT Magazine. Also because various acquisitions relegated him to feature articles, and there is too much entertaining stuff in the world of booze to only write lists. Every men’s lifestyle site now has “10 Beers to Drink for Kwanzaa,” so do you really need more (yes)?



Joe F. – Millennial Trends
Joe currently crushes life (his words) as senior at the University of Michigan. He specializes in chugging, drinking games, and selling others on the merits of inexpensive booze. He signed up for this gig for the free alcohol, and agreed to stay on even when told he wouldn’t be getting any. And yes, we’ve checked his his I.D.


KKheadshotKayla K. – Rosé All Day
Kayla is a recent transplant to Chicago and avid wine drinker. She’s one of 4 people who actually uses the phrase “Rosé All Day,” but backed it up with a lengthy lecture about terroir in sparkling wine. She knows her way around a simple Aperol Spritz but loves nothing more than packing as much fruit into a cocktail as possible.


meUncle Dan – Pretty Much “Drunk Uncle”
We don’t know why we’re letting Dan contribute. He hates just about everything, but his rants can be fairly humorous. He’s anti booze blogs, abhors beer snobs, and thinks that no whiskey should cost more than $30. Apologies in advance for his articles. You can pretty much just ignore them.

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