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18th Street hunter

18th Street Hunter variants were the focus of a Vin Diesel packed podcast.

Last week I was invited to join the guys of ABV Chicago, a beer-based podcast recorded in, you guessed it, Chicago. It all came about because I got drunk with one of the two hosts at the Goose Island Bourbon County Stout tasting the week prior. What can I say; I’m charming when I’m hammered.

Don’t be fooled by the Chicago in ABV Chicago though, these guys drink beer across the board. I’m sure they would have snagged the website ABV.com if some shitty law firm didn’t already it. We didn’t get far from Chicago with our beer choice for the night though.

Our tasting and nonsensical rambling focused on 18th Street Hunter and its Coffee, Cherry, Coconut, and Vanilla variants. If you’re not familiar with 18th Street Brewery, you can read any number of the 8,000 words I wrote about it. It’s located in the pleasure dome Gary, Indiana and run by Drew Fox, one of the Midwest’s best brewers. I’m pretty sure they’re on their 3rd expansion since I wrote that article 18 months ago, so clearly they’re doing something right.

You can listen to the podcast just above these words, or skip to the rankings on the ABV Chicago website. After listening, hit them with a 5-star rating on iTunes as well. They left in enough of my absurd comments to have earned it. Also, check out the list of beers they’ve reviewed and then go back and listen to those podcasts. Sure, they’re severely lacking in Boozist commentary, but they’re well wroth a listen.

If you want any of the 18th Street’s beers, you’ll have to go to Indiana or Copenhagen. Both are pretty fun trips.

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18th Street hunter

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No, she’s not pouring 18th Street Hunter in this photo.

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